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Sojos 557117 Goat Complete Grain-Free Dog Food, 8 lb Review

Sojos 557117 Goat Complete Grain-Free Dog Food, 8 lb Review


Model: 557117



    • RAW MADE EASY: Just add water & let soak to create a complete meal, made with real freeze-dried goat, made with a melticulous quality and safety standard.
    • MAKE MORE: An 8 pound bag of Sojos rehydrates to 40 lbs of fresh, raw food for your dog to enjoy.
    • ALL NATURAL: Contains only premium, all natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives.
    • MADE IN AMERICA: Sojos uses small batch baking and is proudly made in the USA.
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557117 Reviews

“Sojos Gets It (Mostly) Right”

Can you nourish yourself and your kids the exact same brown crackers three times a day, day in and day out, for years at a time? Certainly not. Then why would you feed your dog that manner? You dont want a scientist or a chemist to feed your puppy more than you need one to feed your loved ones. I feed my Jack Russell Terrier a rotational diet Each few meals I change her out food with another product. I prefer feeding raw frozen or raw freeze-dried/dehydrated, but occasionally rotate in grain-free kibble or perhaps tiny amounts of ordinary excellent quality kibbles. Also, she gets real fresh food occasionally through the day. My choices are somewhat restricted because she’s a seizure dog, therefore I try to avoid questionable ingredients such as Rosemary, I strive to be mindful about how the food is preserved, and I am a avid label reader. FIfteen decades of participation in pet nutrition forums, and using an excellent Vet nutritionist have taught me what to look out for in a dog food that is prepared. I used to create my own raw dog food, but today I’ve moved to a new state and just didnt feel to sourcing tidy, well-priced ingredients. Is there some one dog food which meets all my criteria? Certainly not. Thats one of the reasons I rotate foods. Just as in human nutrition, exactly what one food lacks or has too much is balanced by feeding a varied diet.I also attempt to nourish products where the majority of the components are food names, and not vitamin or chemical names.Sojos Complete Turkey Dog Food has made a place as one of my favourite meals to rotate in. Eight pounds of the mix yields 40 pounds of ready-to-eat as soon as you’ve reconstituted it with water. In its dry state, it retains for a long time in the original zip lock topped package. I add the sterile contents and mix with water in a glass dish with a lid, and allow it to sit overnight in the fridge prior to feeding. I usually make enough to last for approximately three days.When rehydrated, the food has chunks of turkey meat, and bits of recognizable veggies and fruit. From the look of my puppies feces, everything is being digested in an unrecognizable form. Some of those other non-natural products Ive fed her in their dry state come out pretty much exactly the same manner they moved in. The dog adores this food. I take it from the refrigerator, add a little more hot water and blend in, then top with the puppies supplements. This product contains basil, which a few dogs may gain from, and it makes the whole product smell like a Thanksgiving turkey with stuffing. Honestly, some of the raw products I feed dont smell so wonderful for my senses, however this one really does. Not sure theres a selling point, but it sure doesnt hurt. Sojos is from Human high quality providers but I don’t know if this means the meat is human quality, or if it has been refrigerated and processed at a human excellent manner. This is one of the more affordable raw dried products I’ve found.Im including two photos of the goods. One is that the food in its dry condition, within an eight pound package. Another is when it has been reconstituted, and a number of the item is in a tsp to help you find the size of these bits and pieces.Ill give my dog the last word on this item. She licks her dish into a high polish whenever it seems on her plate.

Sojos 557117 Goat Complete Grain-Free Dog Food, 8 lb Review | 557117 Review