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Orijen Puppy Formula, 4.5 lb Review

Orijen Puppy Formula, 4.5 lb Review


Model: 064992101459



    • Grain free dog food
    • Limited ingredient and single-source protein
    • Acana food is a natural and delicious way to keep your dog healthy, happy and strong



064992101459 Reviews

“… Food And Our 9-Week Long-Haired Mini Dachshund Seems To Enjoy It. We Mix With A Small Scoop Of …”

weekly with this particular food along with our 9-week long-haired mini dachshund appears to like it. We mix with a scoop of NuVet vitamin powder and also a single squirt of Grizzly Pollock Oil Supplement and our pup doesn’t have any difficulty. His stools have all been of a consistency that was good up to now. There are a number of ratings whining of an smell; it is not poor at all and wouldnt dissuade me from using this product, while there’s a fish odor. My study points to this being one of the most healthy foods on the market for your dog unless something changes, and I will keep on using it.

Orijen Puppy Formula, 4.5 lb Review | 064992101459 Review


“Seems To Be A Hit With My 2 Jack Russell Terrier-Ist Baby Girls”

Day two on the puppy formula along with my two baby girls love it. They might consume most and were about Science Diet, but didnt seem to like it. I put a few of those kibble and they ate it up. Its a bit greasy on the palms. Which I assume is from other components along with the fish. Im guessing its because the puppy food is made than another best for your dog name manufacturer. My puppies havent had any problems with elimination or digestion. They seemed a little more busy this morning and slept well. Ill update this because we continue to use this puppy food. We are providing 5 stars.UPDATE to it! I’ve discovered a large growth spirt has been begun by our little runt and has grown quicker. I have to contribute it into the dog food. They eat it all, compared to the Science Diet they were on, which was advocated by our vet. I am able to state that we will be getting this for our women from now on. Even though its expensive, its worthwhile.

Orijen Puppy Formula, 4.5 lb Review | 064992101459 Review


“Best Ingredients Found”

After weaning off crap food breeder was using until finally feeding them 100% this new food, puppies had no more loose stools. The flavor was liked by pups made it easy to wean. Very happy are the best of all of the goods compared. Pricey, but not that much greater than other lower quality kibble, completely worth it. I’ve bought 3 times today, gonna search for larger bag!

Orijen Puppy Formula, 4.5 lb Review | 064992101459 Review


“Joyful With Product”

We had been feeding our Italian greyhound Nutrisource but wanted to switch to a high quality meals. At first we put 50/50 old and fresh food in the bowl and Dash had loose stool. Its best to transition. Weve done it over about six weeks and are almost to 100% Orijen from the bowl. He enjoys his coat and the food is so soft. His poops are both firm and small and they dont odor. Im pleased with the components and feel its worth the price that is high for the caliber.

Orijen Puppy Formula, 4.5 lb Review | 064992101459 Review